J’Michael Francois is “many things” and in a good way. At a time when carefully curated social media bios try to redefine success, it’s always refreshing to discover the rare breed of talent that lives up to their hype. J’Michael Francois is that talent.
In his role as Operations Manager for Cumulus Media Baton Rouge, J’Michael currently runs the programming and operations of four (4) stations – Urban (WEMX-FM), Urban AC (KQXL-FM), Classic Hits (WRQQ-FM), and Gospel (WXOK-AM.). He has also expanded his regional footprint as the Program Director for New Orleans’ Adult Urban Station (KMEZ-FM) and Gospel Station (KKND-FM). Many in J’Michael’s position would struggle to balance multiple genre formats and markets; Francois thrives with humility while the numbers speak for themselves.
J’Michael’s impressive achievements in radio can be attributed to his unique collaborative approach to music and programming. He believes that “you’ve got to let other people inspire you and keep up with what they love,” says Francois. He continues, “No matter what the format is, I want to build a lifestyle. From the car to work, the park, and everywhere else, everything on the station should echo what you enjoy and your passion; the soundtrack to your life!”  J’Michael works every day to produce this soundtrack because of his gift of learning his audiences and not simply teaching them.
Before joining Cumulus Media Baton Rouge in 2006, J’Michael was Program Director and an On-Air Personality for Pittman Broadcasting Services in Lafayette, LA. While at Cumulus, Francois perfected his radio business acumen while still creatively engaging listeners as on-air talent. 
Before moving to Lafayette, J’Michael was a popular On-Air Personality for Citadel Communications (now Cumulus Media) from 2003 to 2005; he honed his chops at Clear Channel Communications. 
But J’Michael isn’t just a radio maven. When he’s not on the air or programming the hottest stations in Baton Rouge, you’ll likely find the Dillard University grad cooking, playing tennis, or traveling. He may even be taking on a building project just for fun – “It’s like therapy for me.” He’s also constantly searching for ways to help others through his many community service programs and partnerships.
Whatever the next wave in media, you can be sure J’Michael Francois will be there because of his incredible vision. He maintains, “Always have your eyes open, not just to what is happening today, but what it will become tomorrow. A program director doesn’t just see; they OVERsee.”


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