Storm debris pick up in Jefferson Parish continues, could take several more weeks

Plenty of people in Jefferson Parish are asking — when will the storm debris get picked up?

The answer: It could be a few more weeks.

Right now, there are 78 trucks working only on storm debris pick up in Jefferson Parish.

There are 49 on the Eastbank, 22 on the Westbank, 3 in Lafitte and 4 in Grand Isle.

Council members tell WDSU News that crews are working as fast as they can, but the amount of debris is far worse than Hurricane Zeta last year.

Bringing in additional crews is proving to be challenging as so many other parishes are also working on picking up storm debris.

“Our debris contractor is doing as much as he can as fast as he can, they’re doing a good job — but I think if we have the opportunity to get more people on the street we should pursue it. But we are competing with other parishes and staffing issues – and we have to weed through that to get more debris off the street,” said Scott Walker, Jefferson Parish councilman.

People living in one Metairie neighborhood say the site of all the debris is becoming an issue.

“It’s terrible, they should have picked it up a longtime ago, it’s terrible — and even if you put debris in the trash can they won’t pick it up,” said Lena Fassbender.

Debris haulers will finish what they call a first pass by the end of this month and then work over the next two months to get everything picked up.

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