Filming in Lower Garden District will have police chase, prop guns

The city of New Orleans released a film notice Thursday for a movie that is being shot in Lower Garden District.

The film, “The Channel” will be filming in the Lower Garden District from Friday to Saturday starting at 6 a.m.

The city said to accommodate the filming, “No Parking” signs will be posted Friday and Saturday at the 2300 block of Annunciation Street on both sides, the 700 block of Soraparu Street on half of both sides of the block, and the 700 and 800 blocks of Phillip Street.

Crew parking will be located off-site in a parking lot at 2337 Annunciation St.

The city said the sequence will include actors running on foot and being chased by fictitious law enforcement officers. The actors will be using prop guns and blanks, not bullets, as they are being chased, according to the city.

At all times during filming, Intermittent Traffic Control will be in effect, which allows law enforcement to “hold” traffic for 3 to 4 minutes at a time, at which time they are required to release the traffic. At no time will residents be restricted from accessing their property, but they will be subject to Intermittent Traffic Control.

The filming has been approved and permitted by the New Orleans Film Office. For any questions or concerns, please contact Patrick Mizell at 225-573-2477 or Isabella Renner at 504-295-7734.

In response to questions regarding the use of prop guns during filming, city officials released the following statement:

“The film production The Channel will be filming scenes in the Irish Channel on Friday and Saturday (Dec. 3 and 4th). Some of the filming will include actors portraying police officers chasing another actor. In these scenes simulated gunfire will be used on both nights between 6pm until 9pm. The New Orleans Film Office has been working closely with the production to ensure that all prop gun safety protocols are followed consistent with the IATSE 478 union as well as SAG-AFTRA (actor’s union) regulations. On this production these protocols include: mandatory training sessions under the supervision of Dan Dearing, a fully licensed and Veteran Armorer, Scott Phillips, a Tactical Advisor and former US Navy SEAL and licensed tactical Firearms Instructor, 2nd Unit Armorer Kevin Ross, Veteran SWAT and USMC FAST Team Operator and 30 year Armorer and Firearms Instructor, and Ed Splia, retired 31 year Veteran of Dallas SWAT. No live ammunition is allowed on set. Prior to weapons being provided to actors for use, all weapons will be cleared and visually inspected by the Armorer, First Assistant Director and the actors. In addition: police officers will be on set at all times of filming.”

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